Summer at the Lake

Hello from the woods of Michigan where we awoke in our little cabin bunkhouse last night to the sound of thunder and steady rain, and I tried to stay awake just so I could trace the cozy memory a little longer before falling back asleep. Sleeping in a cabin in the woods during a storm is definitely up there on my list of favorite sleep memories–along with squeaky baby noises the first night in the hospital after my kids were born, waves crashing against a cliff (St. Thomas) and falling asleep to flames flickering from our bedroom fireplace during a snow storm in Vail. I think that about does it.

Also, I’m using the term “woods” loosely. It’s not so much Little House on the Prairie Woods, but I’m pretending it is because I’m in summer character, and no one can stop me.

In full summer character, we…

Hold funeral ceremonies for monarchs…

The safari animals all attended and properly mourned, and Lainey officiated the service with a beautiful account of the things she imagined the monarch did in his short life. Like flutter. And sniff flowers.

Speaking of honoring, I’d like to take a moment and honor the Target Dollar Spot which came through for our summer in the only way the TDS knows how–100%. When I walk through the aisles of the Dollar Spot the day new merchandise goes up (because Lord knows I’m there), I am half delighted and half annoyed at how two-steps-ahead clever these merchandise creators are.

Little summer nature scavenger hunt bags with the things you need to find adorably printed on the front? High Five, Brenda in Dollar Spot Product Design. Why are you so damn clever?

I scraped up a bunch of cute Dollar Spot summer treasures (they were SO good this year), packed them in a little suitcase for the cabin, and we’ve been having so much fun with them.

The little safari hats and vests and critter/clipboard nature hunt sets? All Dollar Spot.

We also brought a craft bag with us on our trip–acrylic paints and paint brushes, Sculpey clay, Shrinky Dink paper and colored pencils, embroidery floss for friendship bracelets, and a bunch of supplies to make jewelry this year.

Several on IG asked about what paints we use for our rocks. We use acrylic paints and spray them, once dry, with clear satin spray.

And yesterday, we crossed off “Set Fairy Traps” from our summer bucket list. We used the little individual-sized cereal boxes, and the kids each painted theirs, added stickers and decided what they were going to put in their traps to lure the fairies.

Dash’s (he was so concerned about the fairies knowing it was a trap and thinking they weren’t going to go in):

Lainey’s (she made little sweet treats out of clay and added an entire menu of what was offered):

And Nella who opted out of making a fairy trap at first, but after she saw that the fairies visited (with glitter evidence and candy treats), she came running to me and said, “I want to make a fairy house.”

Dash was so excited when he saw that fairies actually came to his house but super bummed that they were too sneaky for his trap.

When we aren’t making things, we are adventuring.

More from the lake:

We took the little ones strawberry picking again at AJ’s Farm this year. I told Nella picking would be a lot easier if she dropped her wand, but she wasn’t buying it.

Summer is my favorite (until fall when the pumpkins hit ;o).

Happy Weekending!

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