Self Care Rituals: Level 1 to Level 10 (and a Ritual Goodie Giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by Swisspers. 

Alright, we’re talking self care today. It’s one of the most repeated questions I get and a problem I hear so many women my age talk about–How do you find the time? How do you not lose yourself taking care of everyone else? What even is “me time?” 

I don’t know all the answers, but I do know this: You don’t  FIND “me time.” You CREATE it. At this point in the game, all the time you have is taken, and there’s none lying around just waiting for you to discover it. Making space to take time for yourself is an intentional act that means saying no to something else so you can say yes to yourself.

While the demands of everyday life do make it difficult for big blocks of me time, one self care area I’ve invested in consistently this past year that’s made me feel so taken care of is my evening ritual–taking an already existing routine I like to call a “Level 1” (not a lot of thought) and amping it up to a Level 10 Ritual. Getting ready for bed used to be a sloppy get-‘er-done check off my list (grab anything to wash my face, brush my teeth), but it’s now a ceremony that’s as close to a spa as a home ritual can get, and I look forward to it every night.

Here’s how I transformed my Level 1 to a Level 10.

A splash of water and a cheap face soap may have done the trick when I was 20, but I’ve earned my right to indulge in good products that are kind to my skin and make me excited to use every night.

I invest in good products for my evening ritual (started using True Botanicals this year and love them!), and seeing them all set up in my night ritual area makes me want to take the time to take care of myself.

I’m excited to partner with Swisspers on this self care post because they make the very best products for getting makeup off your face. Their new makeup wipes are 100% cotton–unlike others in the market that are mixed materials.

I brought them with me to Michigan and use them every night to clean my skin (we don’t have a bathroom in the bunkhouse, so if I want to skip going to my dad’s cabin for my night ritual, these work perfect without a sink!)

Their cotton rounds are also super soft and plush. I keep a jar of them on my bathroom counter and use them every night to get my eye makeup off or to use toner.


Pretty Up Your Space
One of the easiest ways to turn a regular ol’ routine into a ceremonious ritual is to create a space for it. My evening ritual area has a candle, an Amazon echo to play some music and pretty bottles all lined up on a shelf. I make some of my own toners (witch hazel, rose water, etc.) as well as pour my eye makeup remover into pretty amber spray bottles which I spray onto the cotton rounds (don’t know why I never thought of this before–so much prettier to display and great for travel).








Take Your Time
We take God-knows-how-long to get our kids ready for bed; we should be giving ourselves the same kind of time and love. When I go in to the bathroom at night, I know it’s going to be at least a 10-minute spa ritual. I choose a good song, light my candle, pull out all my products and clip my hair up. And I love that my kids get to see me take that time for myself.

Our friends at Swisspers want you to have some self care time too, so they’re giving away an evening ritual package that not only includes their amazing products (two packs of their 100% cotton makeup wipes, Swisspers cotton swabs, two packs of their premium rounds, two packs of their exfoliating rounds and a pack of their blending applicator sponges), but they’re also including some of my favorite products for an evening of relaxation–my favorite Capri Blue candle, a bottle of doTERRA lavender oil, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, my favorite Essie red nail polish, Lori Roberts’ new gratitude journal and a copy of Bloom).

To enter, follow @swissperscotton on Instagram and tag two friends there. Winner will be notified through a direct message that they’ve won.

In the meantime, have a favorite evening ritual product you use–a face oil you love? A heavenly smelling body lotion? An eye cream that makes you look younger? Let me know in the comments!

You can buy Swisspers products on Amazon now, and you know I love when Amazon drops a box on my door. Check out more of the self care products Swisspers offers here.


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One thought on “Self Care Rituals: Level 1 to Level 10 (and a Ritual Goodie Giveaway!)

  1. Great post! One of my favorite self-care routines is Saturday morning. I get up, have coffee and catch up on any PVR’d shows while doing a face mask, eye mask and deep condition my hair.

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