It Wasn’t Just Dyson Vacuums: The Random Stuff We Actually Bought On Prime Day

Prime Day 2018 finally came (and went) this week, and it was a mix of great deals and true moments of WTF. But somewhere in the middle were the random deals we actually bought: the sometimes weird, sometimes boring, sometimes inexplicable things we purchase from Amazon because of the pressure of sales – or just because it’s Amazon.

Below, Apartment Therapy staffers share a few of the things they actually bought on Prime Day.

“So I was heavily influenced by our best beauty deals article yesterday. I got a text from my boyfriend that said, ‘Why do you have $50 sunscreen in the Amazon cart?!’ I also got a salt lamp even though I missed the deal on it. (I didn’t buy anything I was actually watching sales for!) I then bought two pairs of leggings from Outdoor Voices because they were doing a rival sale. Then I put some stuff in my Sephora cart and fell asleep.” –Anita Chomenko, Associate Producer

“It was $15! C’mon, you gotta buy it just so you can tell people you got it for $15!” –Chris Mainenti, Executive Director of Commerce

“I’m terrible at flossing consistently so when I saw the waterpik on sale (the one from my own post!) I thought, ‘This could actually be fun and make me want to floss?’ At the very least, a tiny powered squirt gun could come in handy during a heat wave.” –Tara Belluci, News and Culture Editor

“I’ve been trying to save money by getting all my books at the library. The only problem? When I really, really like a book I am sad I have to return it. When I saw the $5 off $20 on books deal, I just had to purchase a book I’ve already read. Now I had another problem– it was only $16, so I had to buy a second book to get the deal. So much for my money-saving efforts.” –Marshall Bright, Commerce Editor

“Talk about timing. I lost my wallet Monday night (I found it a few hours later thankfully!). But to avoid that mini panic attack again, I brought the Tile on Amazon. For those of us who lose everything hopefully this bluetooth tracker thing helps.” –Brenden O’Shea, Junior Staff Accountant

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